Why don’t we talk about you?

A spoken word video about the Prophet ﷺ. The context of certain lines in the video are narrated below, very briefly. They leave out many details and do not begin to scratch the surface of the splendor of his life.


A 60-year old New Tale

This story is about the year that Dr Tahir ul Qadri  was born, one year before Imran Khan’s birth. Young Raza Shah Pehlavi’s Shahdom was still new in Iran. In 1951, under public pressure, he arranged elections from which the nationalist leader Muhammad Musaddeq emerged as Prime Minister. With two thirds of the parliament on…

Islam’s War on Terror

I found this essay (linked below) on the IERA’s website a few years ago, but apart from its publication on the Hittin Institute, it isn’t easily accessible any more. Backed up with historical references up to the recent past, this publication opens up Islam’s version of a War on Terror, and shows the reality of…