Why don’t we talk about you?

A spoken word video about the Prophet ﷺ. The context of certain lines in the video are narrated below, very briefly. They leave out many details and do not begin to scratch the surface of the splendor of his life.


Live conversations with the Owner of the Universe

A young friend of mine confessed, “I love God! If I’m in the middle of a prayer and my mind suddenly wanders, I miss Him!” But for many of us Muslims, our five daily prayers are tragically devoid of emotion. We fail to internalize the fact that prayer is the biggest event of our lives, a two way conversation with the Creator…

Mr Film Hero made me think about my love

I wrote three short passages. His voice was distant, but cold and clear. “No.  Goodbye.” And the phone clicked. A horrifying wave of numbness washed over her. It paralyzed her. The fan creaked overhead, and the papers on her desk rustled lightly to its rhythm. They were dog-eared and worn-out by the eager touch of…